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Hip Hamstring and Low Back Stretches

■ ■ ■ Downward Dog
Hamstring and low back stretch

- Arms straight, head down

- Look at belly button, keep hips rotated forward

- Do not round back

Downward Dog.png
■ ■ ■ Triangle Pose
Hamstring stretch
- Keep both knees straight. 
- Use block or chair or ball for support until you can reach floor
Triangle Pose.png
■ ■ ■ Pyramid Pose

Hamstring and low back stretch


- Keep knees straight. 

- Use block, chair or ball for support if needed. 

- When bending forward keep back flat as long as possible

   until final fold to reach floor

Pyramid Pose.png
■ ■ ■ Cresent Lunge
Cresent Lunge.png
Cresent Lunge2.png
■ ■ ■ Hip Flexor Stretch
 Hip flexor stretch
- Do not bend knee too much until it is comfortable. 
- Slowly lower torso to floor to increase stretch.
Hip Flexor Stretch.png
■ ■ ■ Reclined Spinal Twists 

 Hip IT band, Low back stretches

- Slow steady stretches not ballistic

Hip IT band .png
■ ■ ■ Internal Hips

​Hips (internal)

- Slowly straighten knees to 90° and gradually lower torso to floor

Hips Internal.png

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